How to Make Clear Slime WITHOUT Glue or Borax in 2 MINUTES!! ~ PastelxCupcakes

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How to Make Clear Slime WITHOUT Glue or Borax in 2 MINUTES!! πŸ˜±πŸ’—πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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PastelxCupcakes says:

hey guys! so i'm glad to hear this worked for a lot of you guys!! πŸ’— however, some of you have also told me that this wasn't working or that you think it was fake and here's what i have to say that might clear up confusion or help you:
1. first of all, This video is NOT fake, i would never fake a video because i see no point in doing so and i only want to help people
Things to help you if your slime is not working:
1. A lot of you said that it started to clump but then it became liquidy again, that is usually do to the fact that u put in too much salt in so maybe try adding less salt
2. If your slime is clumping but it's not really the right consistency PUT IT IN THE FREEZER FOR 5-10 MINUTES and it should become slime (im sorry that i didn't mention that in the video, but that is very helpful and you SHOULD DEFINITELY do it)
3. if non of these things help your slime come together, then the brand of soap you use doesn't work for this method
answers to frequently asked questions:
1. I'm pretty sure the soap in my container is either "Suave" or "SoftSoap" brand, i'm sorry that i'm not sure of what it is and that it's not in the original container
2. no this is NOT my real voice
3. I do not like to show my face for personal privacy reasons πŸ™‚
i hope this helps πŸ’—

Pokemon Lover says:

I had to use 6 soap things and still didn't work

Jameela Javeed says:

Stupid guys hear it properly its pick it up and knead it not eat it 1:06

Julia Kwiecien says:


San Kavi says:

Soo easy
But what soap should we use😞 like if you agree

Hai Phan says:

It dose not look like the thumbnail

Sharyha Sutton says:

who thinks that it was glue in the soap thing because i think it was because i would something like that if i had a youtube channel to get more views and the salt is salt because if you do borax just like that and use it without water your glue would just clump up like a rock

Subashini Soundar says:

I'm going to make it

Mishy Gaming says:

Thank you ☺️ so much!!! It worked for me πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰

victoria walter says:

That voice is SOOOO cringy

Snoopy says:

What brand of soap do you have?

Sidra Khurram says:

any type of salt

alex bautista says:

Did not work πŸ™

Chloe lukasiak Lover says:

Wait what brand of soap because I have clear soap

Jacob Cuba says:

It didn't work

cat sally says:

Don’t work

cat sally says:

Ur voice is cute

Pink fluffy unicorn says:

Her:how take it out and eat.

Red Fox says:

What soap did you use

Maggie Nunez says:

Did you say eat it Cause I am pretty sure that you said that

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