Ask Misty: Why do All Drag Queens wear Pantyhose

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Here is my VLOG response to the Question:
why do ALL drag queens wear pantyhose at ALL times? (regardless of what their wearing… rather it be a swimsuit (which just looks stupid) or a dress)

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Shane Thomson says:

They are comfy and feel soft and sexy

Smart Recycler says:

do you have access to some?

drew rosecrans says:

wearing  a swim out with pantyhose is so sexy with heels, yummy!!!

drew rosecrans says:

glad u guys wear pantyhose! barelegs suck!!!!! pantyhose4life!! keep up  the good work pantyhose4life!

Bruno Jupiter says:

The expert 👍……….But some people also enjoy just wearing them for the pleasure of it (while watching a beauty pageant?).

Rocio Mlahagwa says:

Because it looks cute. 🙂

Smart Recycler says:

Have you ever heard of platino pantyhose?

steve2275 says:

at least some is wearing them

ClaudiaSLCdrag says:

I don't ever wear panty ho's, not even when I perform or even in pageants. Like you can watch my most recent video, which shows me at a Samba Queen competition which was for bio girls and I was the only drag/trans performer in the group and I just whore my mini skirt with bare legs!

Marc Lloyd-Princeton says:

Beyonce performs in pantyhose LOL

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