The Godson

Many stories that I have come across usually end with the author and his object of lust having sex very soon after - one encounter and they hump away. I am always very amazed by that.

I always feel that in real life, things don't happen like that, at least not to me. Perhaps I am the unlucky one?

Anyway, after spending one night at my auntie's home, I returned home to my own sanctuary. My mother asked me whether I could get used to sleeping in another place and whether I slept well. What could I tell her? That I woke up in the middle of the night, and saw the full length of my auntie's curvy smooth legs, and felt like running my hands on her silky skin?

My auntie continued to come to my mother's place to chat and I always looked forward to her visits. We were still traditional Chinese and we don't hug each other when we meet, unlike westerners. And I did feel at that time that my auntie looked upon me only as a small schoolboy, her Godson, and nothing else. I was the pervert who kept lusting after her slender form and white curvy legs.

The Wedding Dinner

After the night spent at my auntie's house, nothing eventful happened until about about three weeks later. It was a Saturday morning and my auntie called and asked whether I would like to attend a wedding dinner with her that night (I believe it is now the Red Star restaurant at Chin Swee Road). One of her relatives was getting married and my uncle did not want to go. It was not a close relative and he didn't really know them too well. That time, I seldom had a chance to go for such dinners and I agreed, after checking with my mother who said ok.

That evening, my auntie came over to my house to pick me up. When I saw her, I was bowled over by her beauty. Except for the wedding photos in my auntie's house, I have not seen her with make-up. The only thing she would apply is just some lipstick to her lips. That evening, she had eye-shadow, mascara, pink cheeks, nice hair-do, jewelleries, and looked completely different. I couldn't help it but told her that she was very beautiful. She was extremely pleased to hear that. She looked like a movie star to me.

What was even more attractive was her cheongsam. It was not the usual long type but stopped just above her knees. It was white with red and pink floral patterns. She was wearing a pair of white high heels (the old fashion closed type, not open-toe type). It was when she walked that I noticed the slits by the side of her cheongsam. The slits went up to just above the mid-thigh and the teasing show of white smooth skin when she walked was very arousing indeed. She was not wearing any stockings. Her bosom was jutting out, probably due to the tightness of the cheongsam and the bra she was wearing. Her boobs seemed bigger than normal, probably accentuated by her tiny waist.

We went to the restaurant in a cab. We both sat behind and along the way, I kept stealing glances at her exposed thigh and curvy tapering legs all the way down to her slim smooth ankle. My loins were stirring. I also noticed that the cab driver kept looking back at the rear view mirror, probably attracted by my sexy auntie. He tried to start a conversation but my auntie didn't respond much and he stopped soon after and just drove us to our destination.

At the dinner, I sat on the left of my auntie. I didn't know anyone at the table. They asked my auntie about me and she told them I was her nephew and Godson. One or two of the aunties there commented that I was good-looking but that was that. There were other attractively attired ladies at the dinner but I had eyes only for my auntie. I commented to my auntie that the bride was quite plump and she chided me for being rude.

Towards the end of the dinner, the bride and bridegroom and relatives came over to take photo with the guests at the table. We were all squeezed together so that the photographer could capture all of us. My auntie and I were still seated but I was pushed towards my auntie and my right hand ended up touching her left thigh. The contact was electric. Her skin was so silky to the touch! My dickie immediately started to harden. I remembered having to shift a bit and the back of my hand rubbed against her thigh. I looked at my auntie but she obviously didn't notice anything. She was busy smiling prettily for the camera.

Halfway through the dinner, my auntie had told me that I would have to follow her home. She said it was more convenient then for her to bring me home and then go home herself. Also it was quite late and might not be safe for her because of the jewelleries. She said she had already sounded out my mother earlier.

After the dinner, we took a cab home. My uncle was still awake, reading something on his bed. My auntie told me to shower and to sleep as it was getting late. My uncle and auntie had previously bought me some t-shirts and shorts kept at their house. So clothes were not a problem. After I showered, I went to bed, tired and sleepy, hardly noticing my auntie's white legs as she moved to the toilet to shower. I fell asleep soon after.

I was awakened later by some noises. I opened up my eyes and slowly adjusted to the darkness of my room. However, there was some dim light outside. My auntie had drawn the curtains of her bedroom door. My uncle's reading table light was still on and that was why some light shone out. I heard some moans and it sounded as if my auntie was in pain. I got worried. What was happening? Could my auntie be having stomach upset because of the food at the dinner. The moans came and went and then I also heard my uncle grunting. What was happening? Curious, I crept out of my bed quietly and moved towards my auntie room. I didn't know why I was moving sleathily, perhaps it was an instinctive feeling, but I was glad I did the moment I peeped through the small gap being the curtain and the door frame.

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